Mobile Augmented Reality

Depending on the needs, it is possible to have two different solutions for the Augmented Reality App


The user uses his smartphone or tablet without the need to download any application, by scanning a simple QR code.


The Web App has the features of the ARTGlass experiences, including:

  • Watching videos, images and 3D reconstructions in Augmented Reality
  • Guided navigation within the experience
  • Immersive panoramas
  • Audio narration, supported in multiple languages
  • Geolocation of the stages of the experience
  • Full interactivity with objects in augmented reality

Native APP

Login and Analytics

Access to the experience can be controlled by the site manager, who will have access to various statistics and analytics regarding the use of the experience

The user uses a smartphone or tablet on which the ARtGlass App is pre-installed.


Internet connection required.