What we do


ARtGlass Content Creator

Photo by ©Ian Wallman

The ARtGlass® platform is a proprietary, patented and specialized solution on Augmented Reality, which allows you to acquire surveys and multisensory information materials and to build storytelling and experiences quickly and efficiently in a language that can be interpreted by smart glasses and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets .


The ARtGlass solution has been used by over 2 million users between museums, cultural sites and events, and as far as user satisfaction is concerned, the research carried out by ArtGlass in collaboration with cultural sites show an average rate between 90 and 98 %.


Photo by ©Ian Wallman

We create Augmented Reality experiences on wearable devices: smart glasses, i.e. transparent and intelligent glasses of the latest generation, for immersive and engaging experiences.

SmartPhone e Tablet

Photo by ©Ian Wallman

Our experiences are also available on mobile, for an Augmented Reality that is always at hand.