Artglass srl was admitted with decree no. 1940 of 02/18/2022 to the “POR FESR 2014-2020 – Action I.1.b.1.2 – TECH FAST LOMBARDIA”

Artglass srl managed to access the “POR FESR 2014-2020 – Action I.1.b.1.2 – TECH FAST LOMBARDIA” announcement.

In fact, the measure aims to intercept technological development projects that have reached a certain level of technical-scientific maturity with the aim of encouraging the technological and digital transformation of production processes.

The “ARTGlass Platform – The new frontiers of Augmented Reality thanks to web-app development” project envisaged the development of an important innovation in the field of Augmented Reality applied to cultural tourism, thanks to an unprecedented Web App solution capable of accompanying visiting cultural and tourist sites without downloading any applications from the stores.

It has in fact been demonstrated that resistance to downloading “native” applications is one of the elements that holds the greatest brakes on the spread of advanced 4.0 solutions to improve cultural enjoyment. The ARtGlass Web App, maintaining all the characteristics of storytelling and richness of content already expressed in the company’s previous experience, leader in the sector of tours on multimedia glasses (smartglasses), today allows us to expand the potential audience, “democratizing” Augmented Reality and offering new cultural tourism operators an enabling, sustainable and effective solution.

Antonio Scuderi, CEO of ARtGlass says: “The competitive advantage deriving from this initiative constitutes a key investment of absolute priority within the company’s strategic programs, because it allows us to differentiate the targets of our proposal for Augmented Reality solutions dedicated to culture and tourism, also introducing important elements of interactivity, educational gaming and interaction with social platforms, which are increasingly relevant today for audience development”.