Misura Brevetti + Axis 1 Investment Priority 1b Action 1. 1.2 Project for the economic valorization of an editorial system and the use of visits with wearable devices through the use of augmented reality

The patent enhancement selected and financed by the European Regional Development Fund under Action 1.1.2, Axis 1 Investment Priority 1b, “Project for the Economic Enhancement of a Publishing System and the Use of Visits with Wearable Devices Through the Use of Augmented Reality,” PON Enterprises and Competitiveness 2014–20, has been concluded.

The operation led to the enhancement of the ARtGlass augmented reality platform through the following activities:
– increasing its market share among tour operators;
– broadening the end-user target audience;
– improving the guided tour system (transmission of data from a tablet or smartphone to a smartglass)

The completion of the project has allowed the company to create a highly customized solution capable of combining an existing product with augmented reality, such as tours with tourist guides.
The tourist guide is now equipped with a smart glass and a special tablet on which a playlist of contents is loaded and which, through a tablet-smart glass transmission system, can be proposed to the organized group, which is also equipped with a smart glass. This solution is proving capable of marrying perfectly with the proposals of a tour operator. Indeed, it does not replace the tour guide, but rather supplements it by integrating its driving abilities with augmented reality content, the selection of which is occasionally left entirely to his discretion.

The new solution, thanks to the implementations carried out within the project, has therefore allowed the company to intercept the needs of stronger, more dynamic, and more differentiated markets compared to the museum market alone. This significantly diversified the audience of users of its solutions, enhancing its own business.
The Campania operator AR TOUR is one of the recently launched pilot trials involving augmented reality guided tours at Pompeii’s archaeological park.
Furthermore, the recent measure of the PNRR linked to the revitalization of historic villages has seen the company very active in giving life to projects together with various municipal administrations, also linked to the experimentation of guided tours in augmented reality.