Software Platform Development

Design your Augmented Reality

The ARtGlass® Platform

Photo by ©Ian Wallman

The ARtGlass® platform includes a module for collaborative content management: authors can produce or adapt content using market tools. These contents are loaded into the ARtGlass® platform to build the visit scenarios. Once the scenario is completed, it can be shared with others and approved.

Photo by ©Ian Wallman

In summary, the ARtGlass® software works as a cultural navigator in which the points of interest and the related “augmented” information are shown, superimposed on the visual reality, such as text, images, audio, video and the reconstruction with three-dimensional models of objects or invisible details of monuments or works of art, creating an immediate and immersive dissemination experience. The ARtGlass® software also makes it possible to further increase the level of accessibility for the hearing impaired, as it uses a multilingual subtitling system in real time.