Multimedia glasses projecting contents inside the retina and transforming the museum in a real time machine. Artists of the past that “revive” to narrate the details and history of their own works to visitors. Frescos’ details, digitally “restored” in 3D, come out from the wall animating as cartoons. Sign language experts illustrate masterpieces to deaf.  Thanks to the wearable Augmented Reality the museum is entered in a fourth dimension.

It is a fist step revolution but with enormous potentiality of development that will deeply change our ways of live cultural places. The fist complete experience of “augmented” museum with multimedia glasses was launched last March in San Gimignano, on the extraordinary frescos of the Pinacoteca Civica. It is a project ran by Fondazione Musei Senesi of San Gimignano and Opera Laboratori Fiorentini/Gruppo Civita, in collaboration with ARtGlass (start up of Capitale Cultura Group). It is a pilot project, edited by Luigi di Corato (today General Director of Brescia Musei and already leader of Fondazione Musei Sanesi), followed by many others which see Italy with an international pole position thanks to its extraordinary historic and artistic heritage and to the impulse generated by Expo 2015.

The future of this new frontier in the cultural fruition could have a strong impact on the touristic promotion and it is the argument of the closing event of Supernova Festival and the perfect opening of “Notte della Cultura”. It will be discussed by Giovanni Menegardo (responsible for the market of wearable technologies in Epson, who has launched the smart glasses Moverio bt-200, presented in preview) and Antonio Scuderi (Ceo of Capitale Cultura) Saturday 4th October, at 18.30 in the White Room of Museo di Santa Giulia. The event chairman is Luigi Di Corato.

 “SUPERNOVA – Creative & Innovation festival”, planned in Brescia the 3-4 October, hosts over 60 events divided in thematic meeting, digital workshops for adults and children, workshops with the makers, artistic performance, interactive installations and expository spaces for companies. Supernova is promoted and organised by Talent Garden Brescia, the first digital innovators community in Italy and in collaboration with Comune di Brescia.
Also this year Notte di Cultura is organised by Comune di Brescia in collaboration with Fondazione Brescia Musei and it will be held Saturday 4th October from 18.00 to 24.00.  Notte di Cultura will present many events during all night under the theme of the literature: cultural happy hours, guided tours, opened museum and galleries, performances with reading and concerts.
The event will intersect with other two projects organised in collaboration with the municipality, “SUPERNOVA – Creative & Innovation festival” the new festival on creativity and innovation, and “LIBRIXIA” the new book fair. Three different initiatives able to satisfy every interest.