Santa Maria degli Angeli 3D experience

A new project developed by Capitale Cultura International and ArtGlass and promoted by the Historical Archive of the City of Lugano and the Lugano Tourism Association, in collaboration with LAC- Lugano Arte e Cultura.

From June 16, ARtGlass Experience comes once again back in Lugano, after the success achieved by the previous experiences: Villa Ciani, Cantonal Library, the Swiss Customs Museum and the Tremona Castello Archaeological Park in Mendrisio.

The aim of this project is to literally give life back to Santa Maria degli Angioli’s neighbourhood with the Augmented Reality system, turning it into a “time machine”. By wearing the glasses equipped with the special technology patented by ARtGlass, the visitors will discover the historical-architectural evolution of the area which surrounds the LAC Cultural Centre:  Santa Maria degli Angioli Church, the cloister of the Franciscan convent, Palace Hotel, the old funicular area and the new cultural centre itself.

This initiative integrates the touristic and cultural city offer: tourists will enjoy the surrounding amazing landscapes but at the same time it will be possible for them to discover the history of this place; meanwhile, the local population will rediscover the city in an unedited light. This area is suitable for this precise purpose because it offers plenty of tales to tell: Angioli Church is one of the most significant monuments of Italian-speaking Switzerland, meanwhile the Palace Hotel had been a very important place to the cultural and literary world of the 19th century and it also had welcomed Nietzsche.  Anahì Traversi’s voice, a local actress, accompanies this trip into the hearth of this city corner. The Augmented Reality analysis of the Bernardino Luini’s magnificent cycle of frescoes, an absolute masterpiece of Renaissance painting, is very engaging.

The tour is available in 4 languages (Italian, English, German and French) and the glasses are rentable at the LAC Shop for 10 CHF, where the staff will explain to the visitor how to use the devices.

Information and shop on-line:


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