In Milan, at the headquarters in Piazza Fontana, thanks to special multimedia glasses, you can explore the most fascinating cultural and tourist sites of the Region

An exclusive Augmented Reality tour through the UNESCO masterpieces of Campania. A virtual and immersive journey, which will take the visitor 360 degrees inside the Piazza del Forum of Pompeii reconstructed as it was in antiquity, will make him relive the glory and subsequent destruction of Herculaneum, and then project him inside the imposing Temple of Neptune in Paestum, today. And again, through the wonders of the historic center of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, in the magnificent rooms of the Royal Palace of Caserta and among the knotted columns of the Cloister of Santa Sofia, in Benevento, a masterpiece of Lombard art.

This is the Spazio Campania Experience that all visitors who visit the prestigious headquarters in Piazza Fontana in the month of August will be able to experience and share. The experience, entitled Campania Wonders, is dedicated to the discovery and promotion of the six sites in the region declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the jewels of one of the richest and constantly evolving tourist and cultural offerings in the world.

Thanks to special Augmented Reality glasses, perfectly transparent and able to recognize what the user is looking at, visitors to the Space will be invited to go on a real “treasure hunt”, to discover clues and images that will activate the glasses and special immersive and 3D contents, developed for the occasion, thanks to collaboration with some of the most important cultural institutions in the Region.

The project, promoted by Sviluppo Campania, was carried out in collaboration with the Maggioli Group, Capitale Cultura Group and ARtGlass, an international company leader in the development of Augmented Reality solutions for culture and tourism, which has projects in historical sites and museums of international level, such as the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, the Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia, the residences of the American presidents James Monroe and George Washington.