Capital Culture and ArtGlass are registered in Innoveneto, the portal for innovation and technology transfer conceived and wanted by the Veneto Region. The goal of this portal is to create and constantly update a mapping of the subjects operating on the supply side in the field of innovation.

The two companies of the Capital Culture Group are registered in the “Catalog of suppliers” which is configured as a real database full of information relating to research organizations, highly qualified laboratories, companies and professionals specialized in the provision of services and skills . The catalog, in fact, offers anyone looking for a partner specialized in the field of research and development, innovation, technology transfer and internationalization to find it in a safe and verified way.

Innovento is an important showcase for the companies that are part of it but it is above all an intelligent and reliable tool for companies and public administrations that are looking for specialized and highly innovative know-how. The portal, in fact, after the research phase, supports the interaction process between the realities involved, allowing the exchange of information and best practices as well as guaranteeing complete monitoring of the activities.

The registration in the catalog of Innoveneto suppliers is a further confirmation of the quality and innovation brought about by the services of Capital Culture and ArtGlass.