ArtGlass is going to Pesaro. Once again, the start up part of Capitale Cultura Group gives its innovative contribution to a new model of cultural valorisation: after San Gimignano and Palazzo Barberini, with the exhibition “Da Guercino a Caravaggio”, now it’s Casa Rossini’s turn.

The place where the great musician lived will be refurbished and an unprecedented multi-media setting will be hosted, thanks to the cooperation between Sistema Museo, the coordinating agency of local museums and ARtGlass.

Indeed, through the wearable technology , visitors will enter, in a whole new way, the maestro’ s world. Through virtual animations and video clips, it will be possible to take an exclusive journey into Rossini’s home. By wearing the ArtGlass, the maestro will materialize beside visitors, taking them throughout all the rooms of the house that were so important to him during his life.

Visitors will be given the chance to take part to some moments of the great artist’s life: they will witness him playing the spinetta, reading the menu dressed in a cooking fashion, telling some fun facts explaining some artworks exhibited with papers and musical arrangements on the second floor, that will be accessible for the first time ever.

“We are glad to start the Casa Rossini project together with Sistema Museo and Pesaro Municipality: this is one of our most innovative projects in Italy – says Antonio Scuderi, CEO of Capitale Cultura Group and ArtGlass – since the strategy developed around Rossini’s carachter  is a really advanced one and joins together museum heritage, great-scale events such as the Rossini Opera Festival, local excellences, tourism offers. We are convinced that the new dimension of fruition that ArtGlass allows, will add value to this project, both in terms of experience and international promotion, involving young people especially. “