The project HOUSE OF FRANK was presented in Bologna today, whose official start is fixed at the beginning of May and it will be host by Palazzo Poggi Museum in Bologna. This project will let the visitors to live the myth of Frankenstein through augmented reality.

Throughout the month of May, at the Alma Mater Museum, it will be possible to experience the myth of Frankenstein in a different way from the traditional visit to the Museum, thanks to the ARtGlass solution and to the scientific curatorship of Eugenio Bertozzi: wearing smartglasses, it will be possible to experience the HOUSE OF FRANK route accompanied by special guides such as Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, Luigi Galvani and Giovanni Aldini, who will seem to be alive in the rooms of the Bologna Institute of Sciences, illustrating the close link that exists between the novel “Frankenstein, or the modern Prometheus” and the Bolognese science of the late eighteenth century.

HOUSE OF FRANK is part of the larger project “Frankenstein Senior: the scientific foundations of a myth in the Collections of Palazzo Poggi”, aimed at enhancing and promoting of the cultural heritage of the University of Bologna, thanks to the long-term collaboration with ARtGlass.

Throughout the month of May, dedicated to the launch of the initiative, you can access the Museum with a ticket costing 7 euros. From the following month the route will be optional.

To complete the initiative, a full program of visits, meetings, workshops for adults and children.