From 11th June to 8th September Brescia Musei proposes an exciting initiative for families: A GREAT FAMILY EXPERIENCE, many activities for adults and children await you thanks to the all-inclusive “Family Experience” ticket.

Among the many adventures, you will also have the opportunity to travel through time and live two incredible experiences in Augmented Reality the ARtGlass Experience.

Thanks to the contribution of Epson multimedia glasses, equipped with the patented software powered by ARtGlass, in fact, the imperial city of Brixia will come to life once again, thanks also to its still so evident traces. The white marble, the forum, the majestic Capitolium, the Roman theatre and the statue of Jupiter will appear perfectly reconstructed and observed in their splendour and magnificence.

These wearable technologies of ours will allow you to move in the reconstruction of virtual spaces at 360° degrees, with a “time machine” effect, allowing you to reach even the streets and private environments of Roman Brixia, such as the Domus of Dionysus and the Domus of Fountains.

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