The II edition of RO.ME Museum Exhibition will take place at the Fiera di Roma on 27 November 2019. The international event, very successful in 2018, concerns museums and places of cultural destination, where it is possible to discuss the future of this strategic sector.

Protectors of the past and witnesses of the present, museums, cultural sites and archaeological parks come into play every year to interpret the demands of the public, which is becoming increasingly demanding. We must measure ourselves with an audience that is different every time, we must be inclusive and accessible, but also technological, without forgetting that we are as sustainable as possible. The theme around which the II edition of RO.ME revolves is the UNESCO World Heritage, which today has 1172 sites on the World Heritage List and in Italy there are even 55.

Also this year, Capitale Cultura Group and ARtGlass will be partners of RO.ME, bringing their own experiences and case histories on development and innovation related to the cultural offer. On the Augmented Reality front, ARtGlass has decided this year to focus attention on some UNESCO sites where it has worked to create new solutions that would guarantee the enjoyment, enhancement and conservation of the cultural heritage. Through the use of proprietary technology, ARtGlass evolves every day to create engaginginclusivesustainable and accessible tours, answering questions from the public and improving its products based on demand. With an installation created specifically for RO.ME, ARtGlass will show how it has responded to the many questions of the public that produces or benefits from cultural heritage, thanks to augmented reality glasses, combining guided and individual visits in multiple languagessubtitling and gamification, with a privileged eye for accessibility by disabled people.